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Friday, February 26, 2010

Recap of Day 4 of Lenten Mission 25 Feb 2010

Topic: "Yield to Yield"

To What Must I Yield (surrender) and To What Must I Yield (Produce)?
A transitive verb; the word "yield" has many meanings however for the topic of discussion presented to us this evening at Loyola Hall it means "to pass something on to somebody: to give something up to somebody else or allow somebody else to take it over"
Do you ever enjoy being submissive to others or do you always enjoy being the center of attention and the one who is always in charge and control.
Tonight Tom taught us about yielding to the Holy Spirit, to surrender in order to produce fruit.
In John 15:1-11 Jesus tells his disciples that he is the vine and his father (GOD) is the vine-growing.
And if we are true disciples of Jesus, we are each branches on the vine. Jesus explains that God takes away those branches that do not bear fruit and prunes the ones that does, in order that it produces more fruit.
  • Are you producing fruit for the Lord?
  • Have you tried to tend to the needs or others while neglecting your own?
  • Do you have an Attitude of Servitude? 
Jesus did not come into the world looking for prominence. He probably would not have been born in a stable with animals. Rather he came to serve, and expects us to do the same.
God hates the seeking of prominence.

People from Scripture who showed great servitude:
Mary - The Blessed Virgin heard the word of God and said yes. She acknowledged "let it be done according to your word.
John the Baptist - Born to prepare the way of Jesus by teaching repentance. He lived in the wilderness, a life with no frills where food and clothing are concerned. He dedicated himself the his mission of preaching.
How can you tell if  you are yielding to the attitude of servitude? Try this simple test as prescribed by Tom:
When it no longer bothers you when you am treated just like a servant (at home or work for example) then you am yielding to the attitude of servitude.
Referring back to John 15:1-11 Jesus tells the disciples that they are already pruned. Pruning is initial and ongoing, and it can also be painful. The saying goes "No Pain No Gain".
A tree bears fruit so that it can be picked for others.
After Jesus was risen from the dead and he meets Peter he starts to prune him by asking him "Peter Do You Love Me?". Three times Jesus asks him and he replies "Yes Lord you know that I love you. This was not Jesus' way of rubbing what Peter did (his 3 denials) in his face, but rather for Peter to affirm his love for the Lord. Can you imagine how much pain he must have felt in his heart; having to remember those denials of the one person he loved most. Jesus pruned Peter so that he can serve as shepherd of his community.
Peter was pruned and he yielded to it and became a fruit bearer for Jesus.
God reveals his will when we are attentive to him.
Consider the following questions each day to help you flourish on that vine that the vine-growing is harvesting and pruning:
  • Am I ready to be a nobody if it is God's will for me, or a somebody if it is his will?
  • Have I made him the Lord of my speech?
  • Am I ashamed of him?
  • Is my character growing in holiness?
Try praying each morning that you be pruned.

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