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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recap of first night of Lenten Mission 22 Feb 2010

Topic: "The Personal Touch"

Under the theme "A Year of Favor From The Lord" guest speaker Tom Edwards asks that we each begin the Lenten season with a sense of expectancy in your heart.

Tom began the night with Luke 10:38-42 (In this passage Mary chose to be pro-personal with the Lord. We need to put his relationship with us at the forefront of every situation).
In Luke 11:37-42 we see how The Pharisees were meticulous about keeping the laws, that they totally missed out on their relationship with God.
And in Luke 11:52 the people were missing the message in the word, thereby missing that personal touch with Christ.
Tom shared two stories with us describing the need for personal touch:
There was this lady who lived down the street of a Catholic Church. She did not ever go to Church but had this desire and almost calling to visit the Church down the street from her. She went to Mass on Sunday and stayed during the entire service. She never got the feeling as though she was welcomed during the service; as no one paid attention to her and more so, after Mass no one even took the time to speak and say hello to her. She left feeling rather sad and did not expect to return, however the following week she was drawn again to pay a visit to the Church. She prayed to God that if she is to continue this journey at this Parish to please let someone there touch her so that she can feel welcomed. There is this lady at the Parish who sits for about 15mins in silence after mass.
This Sunday when the visitor was paying a visit to the Church the parishioner was certain that she was not alone as she spent her 15 minutes in silence. She turned around and noticed the lady sitting a pew behind her. She put her hand on the lady and right away the visitor started to cry. The member did not know what was wrong with the lady so she tried consoling her and asked her what was wrong. She explained that she prayed to God that if she must continue going to Church to please give her a sign by having someone touch her.
Now that's the power of touch. The new way to spell Love should be T-O-U-C-H.
Another personal touch story told by Tom was about a frightened little girl who was afraid to sleep alone during thunder and lighting weather. One evening she screamed for her mother because she was afraid. The mother explained to her that Jesus is always near her. She agreed with her mother however she told her mother that she just want to touch skin once in a while.

If we want to see the Catholic Church grow we need to "Get Personal: and become a real disciple for Chrisht.

It was a joy to see the number of people that filled the Loyola Hall Auditorium on the very first night of the Mission.

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