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Saturday, April 3, 2010

2nd part of Triduum "Good Friday" celebrated by St Thomas More

My son reminded me on our way to Mass that today marked one year since he's been serving on the Altar at our Parish. Unfortunately I had to work last year and was only able to attend the Holy Thursday service if I can remember correctly (my son does have a better memory than I do). So I missed out on two of the most important days of the Catholic Liturgical Calendar and my son's joy of serving.

Due to my surgery and having 6 weeks off I am able to attend the entire Triduum Celebration. Two down and one to go with no one from work disturbing me to get to the airport for an emergency flight.

The Celebration of The Lord's Passion or "Good Friday" recalls graphically the passion and death of Jesus. The reading of the passion describes the suffering and death of Jesus. Today we also showed great reverence for the crucifix, the sign of our redemption.

Two services were held today; one at 9am and the other at noon. Many showed up for the 9am even after attending Holy Thursday service the night before. "Way to go St Thomas More".

The service started with Monsignor Culmer and Deacon Mackey prostrating themselves on the floor in front of the Altar. They do this as a sign of deepest sorrow and humility for how the Saviour died on the cross for our sins, and how unworthy we are on account of them (our sins) to lift up our faces.

The Stations of the Cross are read by the congregation then the Liturgy of the Word is read with the Gospel read by a Narrator (Mrs. W. Forsythe), Deacon Mackey as "Jesus" two other members and the congregation as the crowd demanding for Jesus to be crucified.

As with Holy Thursday Mass where we had the Washing of the Feet, Good Friday's service also had a pinnacle moment where each member came up and venerated the cross. Veneration of the cross does not mean that we are actually adoring the material image, but rather what it represents; the instrument of our salvation.

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