The Roman Catholic Church in The Bahamas is part of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope. The diocese was elevated to a full diocese, as the diocese of Nassau in June 1960. On June 22nd, 1999, the diocese was again elevated as the new Archdiocese of Nassau.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lyford Cay Church, a jewel to be discovered

It's refreshing when you can just walk into a Church and sit for prayer or meditation no matter what day of the week it may be. There are not many Parishes in Nassau who allow their doors to be open during the day, for many different reasons.

One though in particular that I am certain many Bahamian Catholics have never visited or even know where to find it, is "St Paul The Apostle" Catholic Church.

Tucked away off West Bay St near Lyford Cay, St Paul The Apostle is nestled on a well landscaped property that automatically gives you the sense of island life. I was shocked when I drove up the hill and made the turn into the property. On weekdays the side doors are opened and because the property is situated on top of a hill, cool breezes pour into the Church and gives off a calming effect to the body and soul. With tall ceilings, huge cross beams and all of the windows made up of shutters painted yellow no wonder I felt as though I was on a remote island.

I sat there for the longest without wanting to leave; however I wished to find the Parish secretary who could give me more information about the Parish. Automatically Ms. Sherman and myself hit it off as we had before spoken over the phone; and as I would tell most people I meet after first talking on the phone, "I like being able to put a face to the voice". I have met a few of the Parish secretaries and can truly say that they have all been most helpful and pleasant to converse with.

But getting back to the Jewel of one of the many of our great Catholic Parishes, I was so happy that I took the time to drive towards Lyford to find its location. Mass is celebrated at St Paul The Apostle at many times during the week, which I find very fascinating. For further information please refer to the schedule here. So now I have a Church to visit after a long day at work where I can sit and pray before heading home. I get a sense of peace when I am in the house of God and it spills over into my home when I arrive.

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  1. I've never visited the Parish, but the way it is described; is worth paying a visit. Thank you


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