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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Triduum Easter Vigil Service Spirit Filled at St Thomas More

Where did the time go last evening. One minute it was 8:15pm when I arrived at Church for the 9:00pm Easter Vigil Service, then the next it was 12:15am. Time surely flies why you are high on the joy of the Resurrection of Jesus.

I wanted to take a nap during the day so I would not be tired during Mass tonight but the excitement of being a part of the service tonight had me wide awake as I contemplated on the meaning of today. During the last few weeks I participated in the RCIA program where I was asked to sponsor a young man as he joined in full communion with the Church. I accepted the invitation with no regrets.

Today I stood proud to sponsor "Trace Thompson" as he took that first step to join the Catholic Church and become a member of the St Thomas More family. In addition, the Church was also excited to have Mrs. Shavanna Darville; a baptized Anglican receive the Sacrament of Confirmation after having been a member of St Thomas More for many years with her husband and children who are all Catholics as well.

We began the evening outside as a new fire is created to warm the hearts of believers as we long to behold the glory of God. From the fire, the Easter candle is lit and the procession back into the Church is lead by Msgr Culmer, Deacon Mackey, the Altar Servers and Members to be Baptized and Confirmed. As we enter the Church, with each member holding a lit candle from the Pascal Candle we affirm three times "Christ Our Light" and the congregation response with "Thanks Be To God". The Easter Candle first announces the news of the resurrection, as Christ being the Light of the World.

After the opening prayer we hear many readings from the Old and New Testaments during the Liturgy of the Word. These readings help us meditate on the wonderful works of God from the beginning of time. Following the homily by Msgr Culmer, we gathered at the center of the Church; Trace and myself as he is introduced to the congregation. We take to the Baptismal fountain where Trace is Baptized into the Church. What a great moment that was to be a part of witnessing to a new member coming into the family of Christ. The entire congregation was now invited up to come up and renew their Baptism.

Shavanna was now invited to the front of the Church and witness before the congregation that she believes in the Catholic Church and it's works. Now that was powerful! As we all prepared for receiving the body and blood of Christ at the Sacrificial table that Christ prepared for us through his death and resurrection, Trace and Shavanna were first invited to the table.

The Triduum has ended for the new year but the work of the Church continues as we continue to spread the truth and welcome all into the one true faith "The Catholic Church".

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