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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Art Gallery and Amphitheater dedicated to two outstanding men

Held at Aquinas College on 24th September, 2010 was the dedication of "The Vincent Ferguson Gallery" and "The Andrew Curry Theater"

Mr. Vincent L. Ferguson, 71 died at his home on September 23rd, 2009. He was a veteran educator and sportsman. Having obtained a Master of Science Degree in Education and Administration in 1974, Mr. Ferguson began his education career as the Dean of students at his old alumni St. Augustine’s College from 1968-1972., then from 1972 -1975 served as Vice Principal. After having served in administrative areas at R. M. Bailey and A. F. Adderley High Schools Mr. Ferguson joined Aquinas College in 1978 as Principal, where he served until 1993. The Art Gallery was dedicated in his honour.
Another icon of the Bahamas and a devout Catholic, artist, educator and humanitarian left behind a long legacy that will surely live on in the hearts of many. Mr. Andrew Curry, who died on Sunday 17th January, 2010 was a member of St Francis Cathedral where he used his talents as organist and choir director. Mr. Curry was also principal of Aquinas College from 1970-1977 becoming the first lay headmaster of the institution. The Newly built Theatre at Aquinas College was dedicated in his honour.
Both gentlemen having served the community of the Bahamas have both played a major role in the growth and development of Aquinas College. They are well deserving of such an honour.

After the ceremony of Prayers, and reflections of their lives, the guests along with the Archbishop (Patrick C. Pinder) were all escorted inside to view the unveiling of the Plaques, by the wives of Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Curry.

The Gallery's wall was outlined with Art from students of Aquinas College along with a collage of the life of Mr. Vincent Ferguson. Also affixed to the wall in memory of Mr. Ferguson is a plaque and photo.

From the Gallery room we entered the Theater, dedicated to the late and great Mr. Andrew Curry. On the wall also is displayed a plaque and photo in his memory. The room is filled with theatre style seating where the seats went from the ground floor and worked it's way higher up so you got a good vision of the stage. Near the stage lied a piano flanked with awards of Mr. Curry's accomplishments. At the side of the room we get a glimpse at how advance Aquinas College has stepped up it's game with the addition of a recording studio.

After the presentations of the rooms we were treated to refreshments served by the 12th grade class of the Home Cookery department. Everything homemade and not from the freezer. Delicious.

Thereafter I took a stroll along the premises to get a close view of the new basketball courts and was I ever surprise. The courts were professionally done as you can tell from the photos below. Any serious aspiring basketball star may want to consider Aquinas College as their number one choice in education as big things are about to start happening at the school. The grounds for the track and field tracks are currently being prepped for construction.

Aquinas College will eventually be the school that many students will want to be a part of. Take a trip to the new Aquinas College on Gladstone Rd and see what everyone is talking about.

Grounds for Track & Field
Basketball Courts

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