The Roman Catholic Church in The Bahamas is part of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope. The diocese was elevated to a full diocese, as the diocese of Nassau in June 1960. On June 22nd, 1999, the diocese was again elevated as the new Archdiocese of Nassau.

Monday, September 13, 2010

As Catholics, do your children attend Catholic schools?

With two Catholic High Schools in New Providence, only one falls under the umbrella of The Bahamas Catholic Board of Education (CBOE); Aquinas College.

With just close to 500 students who are currently enrolled at Aquinas College there are only but 33% who are Catholics. For many students leaving Catholic Primary Schools they decide not to further their high school education in the Catholic school system. Speaking with some parents they have told me that the need to expose their children in athletics; as some have come to recognize the other Non-Catholic high schools was a contributing factor in their decision.

As Catholics we do not take our faith as serious as we should. It’s not just good enough to say that you are Catholic; we need to start living it. At Catholic Schools, students are also exposed to the Mass at least twice a month (for many this is the only time they do attend), thereby enriching his/her spiritual life. Parents of Catholic Primary schools should consider the Spiritual well-being of their children when selecting a High School for their child’s further education and what better place to begin looking than right in your own back yard.

Aquinas College has recently built a brand new facility on Gladstone Rd. Having been at its previous location on Madeira St for many years Aquinas College now boasts a state of the art multi million dollar facility that has been designed around ideas taken from Catholic schools and universities in the United States.

As the 2nd year at its new location begins the children were happy to see the brand new basketball courts that have been built and ready for the beginning of the basketball season. GO ACES! Further to come are the track and field court, and swimming pool complex. It’s too bad this project wasn't around when I attended Aquinas many years ago, however I am happy that my children are now enjoying it today.

The value of a Catholic education is well worth the cost. It is a life-long investment in your children’s future. For those who are still not sold on the idea of choosing the Catholic High Schools as your #1 choice for education in The Bahamas here is the “Mantra” of Aquinas College:

  1. At Aquinas College we respect God, self, others, property and the environment.

  2. At Aquinas College we foster “Soul Education.”

  3. At Aquinas College we create an atmosphere where Excellence soars.

  4. At Aquinas College NO teacher nor student will be left behind.

  5. At Aquinas College we create an environment where teachers enjoy teaching and students enjoy learning.
Aquinas College is different because WE make the difference!
Teamwork makes the dream work!

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