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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bingo Night a Success for family and friends of STM

Don't ever think that Bingo night is for the old at heart. You would normally envision Bingo as a time for old folk to sit around and have a night out, but the St Thomas More family have proved that theory incorrect.

Last evening was another great night as the crowd turnout shows that St Thomas More knows how to put on a family event not only for it's members but the general public as well.
If you missed last evening, you would have lost your chances of winning many great prizes including the latest "Gemini Blackberry" cell phone. Of course the cost per card on that item was 5 tickets ($1.00 per ticket), but that did not stop many from having 2 or more cards in front of them in the hopes of walking away with a brand new cell phone.

There were laughter as well as sighs. As some tables were raking in the prizes, others sat in awe as their table seemed to have been struck with bad luck or no luck at all. In the end everyone was very happy to have been apart of the event and left knowing that they came to have a good time and to spend a wonderful evening with friends and family.

Better luck next time to all who left without a prize included myself, but boy did I have a blast.

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  1. Like you I also left with no winnings, but enjoyed myself non the less. Thanks ST Thomas More


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