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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The day our Lord found and rescued me

December 22, 2008 would be a day that my family and I will never forget. With school closed and excitement in the air that Christmas was only three days away we never gave thought that tragedy would come knocking on our door. On my way home from work I stopped by a friend's home to pick up a table and chairs for our Christmas dinner party.

My father had just been diagnosed with Cancer two weeks prior so my wife and I decided to have a big dinner event at our home. While on my way home, I telephoned to say that I would be there soon (as I always do). A few minutes later I see my home number show up on my phone and I answer it. What I heard on the other end would change my life forever.

My daughter of 12 years was screaming and crying with the sound of death dripping from her mouth that my son was chocking and couldn’t breathe. I knew immediately that my son was in serious trouble and I began praying to the top of my voice and driving as fast as I could. I remembered praying and praying to GOD to please not take my son, and that I would give him my life and dedicate my son to Him. I prayed all the way home hoping that when I pulled in my yard they would say that he was fine; that didn’t happen. Everyone standing outside had a somber expression on their faces and I rushed inside to find my son lying on the floor lifeless.

As I rushed into our home a relative was over him performing CPR, then I immediately took over. I pumped his chest and blew air into his mouth, but nothing. I began to believe that this was the end and that this could not be happening. My entire future flashed before my eyes and it painted a very grim picture for my family. I then recalled someone saying to me that I must take the phone and talk to the person on the telephone.

With all that was going on I do not know why I took the phone from that person, but I did and it was the dispatcher from EMS ambulance. The lady said to me calmly “Sir just remain calm, everything’s going to be alright and then asked if I swept his mouth to ensure that nothing was in it. It was at that point that I remembered that I had forgotten to check the inside of his mouth for any foreign objects. I had learned CPR five years earlier, but never had to use it, so I didn’t remember what to do. After I dropped the phone, I took my finger and went to the back of his throat and there was the meat.

Another relative took over CPR as I was getting a bit anxious that the ambulance was taking so long. I ran outside and began tossing off the chairs and table off my truck so that I can rush my son to the hospital. It was at that point that the ambulance arrived and we got him in the unit and was on our way to the hospital. Believe me when I say that prayers change things. This is all we could do at this point. No one knew what was going to happen, but we couldn’t give up on our baby and so we continued to pray.

In all the years that I've worked in the medical field I never thought that I would have to ever see one of my children intubated on a ventilator with two chest tubes in him. How is this a miracle you may ask? I will break it down from the beginning:
  • Every evening my family and I always try to eat dinner together; unless I am working late. My wife said that our son was bugging her for his dinner from about 5pm, even though she said that I was on my way home. At 6pm my son and daughter were served their dinner; and at 6:02pm my son couldn’t breathe.
  • Several people said that they had put their fingers in my son's mouth, but never felt anything in it. I believe with all my heart that it was there when I checked because that was GOD’s plan.
  • The relative who I found performing CPR on my son goes to Canada every Christmas to his mother, but this year he decided not to go. I thank GOD he was home for Christmas this year.

For six days we prayed and friends, neighbors and our Church prayed and I could literally feel the prayers going up to heaven. Why did this happen we will probably never know and will never question GOD. His will be done. My son was taken off the ventilator after six days with a very sore throat and was released from hospital 30 December, 2008 (just in time for the New Year). One of the first things he said to his mother when he caught himself was that he wanted to go home for Christmas. That brought tears to our eyes.

Christmas is now every day for us and we continue to give GOD praise and thanks for giving us the best Christmas and New Year ever. Believe me when I say that Miracles Still Do Happen. GOD puts people in places at just the right time to fulfill his plan. Our son has made a full recovery and we are so thankful to everyone who has said a prayer for him. He is a gift and a blessing. GOD BLESS

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  1. I decided just a few days ago to learn First Aid and get certified somewhere. This story strengthens my resolve. Wow! So important.


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