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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Give me flowers while I'm living

No business can function properly without the right employees in place. Jesus appointed twelve apostles to continue the work he started on earth knowing that they would be necessary to carry his message forth. Parishes today must also appoint members to assist the operation of Church matters. There is always a need for volunteers with various ministries such as hospitality ministry, bereavement committee, as well as services in the areas of altar servers, lectors and commentators, ushers as well as Catechists to pass on the faith.

Recently the Catholic community of Long Island (an island I am passionate about because of my parents) lost one of its greatest contributors to the growth and development of the Church. Mrs. Pamela Moree, a former educator by profession and Catechists has been called home to our Heavenly Father. Mrs. Moree; affectionately known as "Pam" passed away during the early morning hours of Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at Princess Margaret Hospital after having to be medically airlifted to New Providence via Air Ambulance.

Mrs. Moree was more than an active member in the Church. An extraordinary minister, Catechists, lector, commentator, church building caretaker were a few of the titles she carried. She was the backbone to the operation of the Church in the Bight settlement. If at any given time a priest of deacon was not available Mrs. Moree ensured that the Eucharist was distributed during weekend communion service. Mrs. Moree took responsibility of ensuring that the Church facilities were kept tidy and clean as she took much pride in her small knit community Church. Mrs. Moree's death came as a shock to the Catholic community of Long Island, who will no doubt continue the work that she has left behind.

We've probably heard many use the phrase "give me flowers while I am living". There will be many flower arrangements adorning the Church and casket at Mrs. Moree's funeral and rightly so they should, but why do we wait for death to say to someone how much we appreciated them and the work that they did. Heaven will reward us for all that we do to build up the kingdom of God, but it sure would be nice to receive those flowers and kind words before we are no longer here. Pamela Moree was also an avid gardener who must have known that she was going to be called home so she left instructions with her daughter (Bonita) to take care of her garden.
Mrs. Moree's former priest was recalled to his order in Massachusetts earlier this year, so I contacted Fr. Pat with a request to say a few words about Mrs. Moree and this is how he remembers her (thank you Fr. Pat):

"When I arrived on Long Island in the fall of 2000 A.D., one of the first “official” duties I had the very first week was to attend an evening of recognition for Pamela Moree, recently retired educator. What I didn’t realize was that as Pamela’s Pastor, however new I was to the Parish, I would be expected to bring “remarks”! With nothing prepared, I remember thinking and praying very fast “Please Lord, don’t let me ruin Pamela Moree’s night!” If I had known Mrs. Moree then, like I know her now, I would have been at ease because her attitude was “Mistakes are always forgiven if you are trying to do what is right.” If you were a God-loving person, you were alright in her eyes, and there was nothing she would not attempt to do for you in His name.
Over my years on Long Island I was blessed to know her, and her encouragement to me, and I am sure, many, was priceless. Because she was so aligned with faith in God she would tell you “like it is” with no hesitation. She took responsibility for all her actions, and if she said it was going to be done, it was done.

The two memories I will always treasure were her singing, and her smile. Her singing was of course in praise of God, and her smile just lit up a room. My favorite line she would say: “You think so? Well child, let me tell you…” She knew what was going on, and had a terrific interest in the well-being of the Church and the people of Long Island and the extended Bahamaland.

I treasure that she was a teacher and a leader to many generations, and that she took her responsibility seriously to plant seeds that she might never see bear fruit and flower. Literally a true daughter of the soil, she called us to respect what was right and true, honest and virtuous. She joins a long list of Long Islanders who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith.

Lord, we cannot thank You enough for Your daughter Pamela. May she rest in the peace of Christ!"

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