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Thursday, September 29, 2011

God will understand?

Someone accused me of being presumptuous for assuming that God will not condemn me for worshiping on Sundays. If I had doubts about the Lord's day being Sunday (the Sabbath for Christians), then maybe I would be worried. The question that should be asked is "will God understand if I do not feel like remembering the Sabbath, the Lord's day?" The third commandment instructs us to keep holy the Sabbath.

Going to Church each and every week should not be treated like a chore, something that many of us make excuses for not be able to attend. We should be excited and look forward to getting to Church, if only on Sundays. Our busy lifestyles prevents the average Bahamian from attending Mass regularly (that is, during the weekday). Many of us would have seen that commercial on Cable TV regarding the HD service. We should be just as excited about Jesus, as that guy was about having HD service. Instead of repeating HD, HD we should be saying "Jesus, Jesus".

The devil loves to plant doubt and confusion into about minds to the point of making us believe that if we feel that something is not wrong, then it is not wrong. That sounds a bit dangerous if you asked me, for now we are assuming the role of God. All week we work hard, and hardly ever thinking about God, then the weekend rolls around and we hit the towns with a bang, looking all snazzy and "ready" like the young people would say. Sunday morning rolls around and you barely remember the day, from all the fun the night before, you look at the clock and can't believe it's almost time for Church. So what does the devil say to you? "Go ahead and rest, God will understand, and besides you can turn on the TV and watch a Church service.

Quoting Bible verses is said to be a Protestant and evangelical thing. More Catholics should be encouraged to memorize certain Bible verses that can help someone when they are in need of comforting words. But how about using Bible verses to satisfy our personal needs and desires? The devil knows the Bible in and out and have used it to mislead many. A very common verse that is thrown around to justify why there is no need to attend Church regularly on the Sabbath comes from Mt 18:20 "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

Scripture is taken out of context greatly, for we are fooled by satan in believing it to mean exactly what it says or vice versa, whatever way you may require it to benefit you. So then, I will ask this question again, why aren't we putting to death all of our children who curse their parents, Leviticus 20:9 "Anyone who curses father or mother shall be put to death; and having cursed father or mother, such a one will bear the bloodguilt."

We are called to be Christians in unity. We make up the body of Christ together and so we are called to worship Him in communal service. Listening to Church service on the radio or television is good, but for those of us who are able  to physically make it to Church are expecting to be there. Going to Church should not be a chore, it should be something that you long for. I find myself in a joyful state when I know it is time for service. It should be like receiving a present and your filled with joy with being afforded this great opportunity. Is Jesus worth at least an hour of your time? I wish I was able to go more often during the week, but work unfortunately makes it difficult.

To many people, Fridays become the highlight of their week, for me it's Saturday evening or Sunday morning that is the highlight of my week. We don't go to Mass to make it known that you were there or to ensure that everyone takes a good look at your new hair style or new shoes, we go to commune with God as a Church. For Catholics, once we recognize what truly takes place at Mass, we will long to be there each and every week. Remember, it is a mortal sin to intentionally miss Mass. Do not be presumptuous in assuming that God will understand. It only takes one mortal sin to lose your soul to satan forever. Don't take that risk.

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