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Friday, November 4, 2011

Msgr Culmer says final Sunday Mass and farewell

Msgr Alfred Culmer
With the 2011 St. Thomas More Bazaar over and done with a few hours earlier, members of St. Thomas More Parish had only a few hours to rest before heading back to the Church grounds to celebrate one last Sunday morning Mass with Msgr. Alfred Culmer. Having to say goodbye is not an easy task, as it was proven on Sunday, October 30, 2011 at 9:00am at St. Thomas More Parish, Madeira Street.

Tears of joy could be seen in Msgr Culmer's eyes during his homily as he left a few words of advice for the members. Three things in particular he proposed to the congregation and they are:

Homily by Msgr Culmer

1. To be rooted in God's Word. Read the scriptures every day. Some people run to get the newspaper every day, but there is no good news in the newspaper. The good news is in the word of God. If you want to get depressed, then buy the newspaper because on the front-page there is a murder and a murder and a murder. Good news is in your Bible, read it daily.

2. Pay more attention to the gifts and talents within this community. Even though we work well together, even at the Bazaar; underneath there are still some under currents that's destroying this community. We're all singing "when we all get to Heaven" and yet the devil has some of us. There is no perfect community, but we need to stop trying to pull others down. We work together for greater honor and glory of God. It's not about us, it's what God is doing within us, and so there is no reason why you should not be helping one another. God is blessing you so that you may share it with the other person who is struggling. We are placed here to help one another. Examine your mind and heart. If you're in that direction where you're tearing somebody down, change your ways, as life is short.

3. Please find ways to be involved in the life and ministry of this community. There are some people who would not do anything to lift a finger, but who are quick to criticize. "Lord I am not what I ought to be, but I'm trying". All God asks of us is that we try.
Thanking the community of St. Thomas More, Msgr Culmer expressed great sentiments about its member as he considers them a wonderful community, and insist that they continue to grow, but be aware of the obstacles that prevent growth.

As with any household, workplace or community there will be those who take pride in having their own way, however it can't be your way expressed Msgr. Culmer. It has to be God's way, and God's way is not the way of one or two people, God's way is the way of the community. Where there is unity there will be "community." Some people stay away from the Church when they are upset, but you that will not change God, but rather, God will change you.

Bereavement Committee
and Msgr Culmer
Before leaving to go to St. Joseph Parish, Boyd Rd with much enthusiasm, Msgr Culmer thanked God for this time spent together with many blessings and graces. With so many persons and groups within the Church who have contributed to the development of the Parish community and not wanting to leave anyone out, a teary-eyed Priest thanked everyone along with the altar servers for doing a marvelous job, the choir led by BJ Percentie, all of the ministries, including the sick and bereavement committee.

Msgr Culmer took a keen interest in the sick by visiting with them every Sunday; this he will miss dearly. As explained by Msgr Culmer, when I think of the elderly of the sick, they can no longer come to us. We have a moral obligation to go to them. We remember where many of them sat in Church and they are still an integral part of this community. As Msgr Culmer moves on to Shepherd a new flock he will continue to make it a priority.

Msgr Culmer hugs Mrs. Watson
Before the end of the service, each member was afforded the opportunity to come up and give Msgr Culmer a farewell hug. Tears began to flow on both ends as it became an emotional scene as we said goodbye to our friend and Priest of five years, Msgr Culmer. He will be missed dearly by the members of STM, but change is necessary for everyone so we welcome our new Priest "Fr. Anselm Russell."

Knowles Family
and Msgr Culmer
As said by Msgr Culmer: Change has got to come! Msgr Culmer was ordained in November 1976. He served  as Parish Priest at St. Thomas More for the last five years.

God speed Msgr Culmer. Photos of service can be seen below.

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