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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have made myself a slave to all

Let's not fool ourselves, it's a major undertaking to give yourself unselfishly for the sake of others. Is it even possible when I am down in the mud and can't seem to get up? It seems so much easier for someone of means and status to open themselves freely to others than one who has little to nothing, right? Happiness and blessings seems to equate to one with status and wealth in society.

This week Sunday we heard the pain and anguish in Job's voice. Being so wealthy, content and a man who certainly feared God, how could he possibly be enduring the bad hand that was dealt him? We have all at some point and time questioned "why?" Job's situation may have been to the extreme yet it truly teaches us that even when we can't see beyond the trials and despair in our lives, we should always put our trust in God.

Unlike Job who wished he wasn't born due to the suffering he was enduring, we should stop for a moment to think how minuscule our suffering is to that of Christ Jesus who came down from Heaven and died for us. In the end Job did not forget God. No matter what your status is in life, no one is exempt from some form of suffering and pain. You can scream at God all you want, however in the end you have no one to turn to, but He. God never leaves us even during our suffering, He wants to give us comfort.

Like Peter who internally suffered for denying Jesus, not one, but three times, we see Paul in today's second reading doing what each of us are mandated to do as Christians; preach the Word of God to others. Having persecuted Jesus through all those who had followed Him, Paul too suffered in anguish for the pain he inflicted on others. Paul's actions gave him drive and passion now to preach and spread God's word. Jesus came to save every one of us, and requires each of us to do our part to win over souls.

How can I do this, you may ask? You see yourself as a shy person  with little to no knowledge of scriptures, well I'm here to tell you that I felt the same way one time ago. I will share a story with you: While taking a tour around Cuba on a business trip, the taxi driver (a young chap) was very pleasant and curious when the discussion came up about Jesus. I don't remember what brought on the conversation, but I remember saying to myself afterwards "where did those words come from that I spoke to him?" I knew right away that it was the work of the Holy Spirit. You have the desire, so leave the good stuff to God. Let me tell you, I wrote the book on being shy!

Again we see what true service is all about, where the mother-in-law of Simon was very ill with a fever. After being healed by Jesus, Simon's mother-in-law immediately waited on them. For most of us, we probably would have instructed her to take it easy, after having just recovered from her illness. It may be so easy for someone who has recovered from a deadly disease to turn their undivided attention towards Jesus, so what can be a motivating factor to fix your eyes completely on Jesus?

For starters, as Paul stated "I have made myself a slave to all so as to win over many as possible." If you're not concerned with the soul of others then you're probably not in love with Jesus as you say you are, for He wants all to be reached that they too may have a share in His Kingdom. Let's make ourselves slaves to all. I know it's not easy, but just as I felt that God used me to touch the heart of that taxi driver, I know He's waiting to use you to win souls as well.

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