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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Legion of Mary branches to all Parishes

The only other time I've ever talked about Legion of Mary on my blog was back in 2010 where they held their regional reunion service at Our Lady of the Souls Parish. This past weekend the members of St. Thomas More Parish welcomed a member of the Legion to our Parish as she spoke about the Legion of Mary and its purpose.

It is the intentions of the Legion of Mary apostolic organization to have groups started at every Parish within the Archdiocese. I could have jump out of my chair when I heard this news, but had to contain myself as I was sitting on the altar.

The first meeting for St. Thomas More will be held this afternoon, Wednesday, September 5th at 5:30pm under the guidance of Fr. Anselm Russell. I'm a bit concerned about the time though, as many people do not get off until 5:00pm, and with the traffic congestion during rush hour I hope that many people are able to attend.

Joining the Legion of Mary is quite simple:

First you must be Catholic who faithfully practice their religion. You are animated by the desire to participate in the Church's apostolate through membership in the Legion; and you are prepared to fulfill each and every duty which active membership in the Legion involves.

So get on board and sign up today at your Parish or at another Parish!

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  1. Our Lord gave us three wonderful gifts.
    He gave us Himself in the Eucharist
    He gave us His bride – the Church
    And He gave us His Mother to be our Mother.


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