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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Show me the CAR-FAX!

Have you ever had to make a decision on which car to purchase when paying a visit to a used car lot. So many of the same to choose from, with their vibrant colors, some without even a scratch on them. The exterior of buildings, cars as well as airplanes can be very deceiving. This can also be the same for human beings who make believe they are one way when all along they are something entirely different. Buying a used car is very similar in that we believe the car is all that the outer appearance makes it out to be until we leave the parking lot and realize that we have just purchased a lemon.

Clearly in the second reading today from Hebrew 4:12-13 God's word is our source to living without masks. The word of God cuts into life like a sword, therefore we have no need to cover up our imperfections, for once His words reaches our hearts and pricks our conscience we desire nothing more than to walk with Him. Satan fears no man, but go ahead and place God's Word in his presence and even he trembles. I may have asked this question before, but how can we say we truly know God when we hardly take the time to read His Word? Being married for 18 years I'm still learning new things about my wife. We have only scratched the surface to knowing and understanding God.

It was in the first reading taken from Wisdom 7:7-11 that Solomon understood the importance of not requiring material things, but rather he asked for wisdom. Through the power of prayer, with trust and faith in God Solomon received the gift of wisdom, but he also was given riches in abundance. With wisdom acquired by God's divine Word, we live our lives for the hope promised to us to take our place at the banquet table of God for eternity. We are being called to come as we are, with no masks and no excess baggage.

Jesus spoke about having too much excess of anything that distracts us and keeps us unaware of our true purpose on earth, to be with Him for eternity. Many of us struggle today with letting go and letting God as we are told of the story in the Gospel reading today taken from Mark 10:17-30 where a rich young man was sure he was on the right path to eternity, but Jesus knew otherwise. Having explained to Jesus that he kept all of the commandments, Jesus said to him in so many words "take off your mask, you're hiding something." What Jesus told him was to sell all of his possessions, give the money to the poor then you will have treasure in Heaven.

That rich young man probably would have preferred Jesus to say something like: "go and pay your tithes, then come and follow me." Why didn't you just say so Jesus? At that point the rich man may have put the minimum amount of money in Church, but what's the point if you loose eternity with Jesus? We cling on to material things that we are not even aware that we begin to place them in the front of God.

Jesus knows the hearts of everyone, and knows when we are hiding something under the hood (or in our hearts). Unlike the customer purchasing a car to ask the salesman to show him the car-fax, God will not force you to do anything, but rather he allows free will. Through God's Word and the Church we are offered the wisdom to know that too much earthy possessions robs us of our time with God. As did Solomon who prayed for wisdom to rule his people, we should pray for wisdom as well to prioritize our life, thereby removing any excess junk in our trunk that may be hindering our relationship with Christ Jesus.

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