The Roman Catholic Church in The Bahamas is part of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope. The diocese was elevated to a full diocese, as the diocese of Nassau in June 1960. On June 22nd, 1999, the diocese was again elevated as the new Archdiocese of Nassau.

Friday, January 11, 2013

New pastoral appointments announced

It seems like it was only yesterday that Fr. Anselm Russell took over pastoral duties at St. Thomas More Parish. A short time later another Priest would share pastoral duties with Fr. Anselm that had taken effect durin July, 2012 when Fr. Mel Taylor of Sacred Heart Parish retired. Both Fr. Anselm and Fr. Jude were assigned to St. Thomas More and Sacred Heart respectively.

It was Saturday, January 5th as we watched Deacon Mackey approach the podium after the announcements were read. The Church fell silent as everyone knew at this point that some very important news would be shared. As fate would have it, another letter from the Archbishop's office was read. The wheels began in motion again as effective dates and names of Priests being transferred were called. It so happens that effective January 13, 2013 Fr. Anselm Russell will be assigned as the sole Priest of Sacred Heart; Fr. Jude Muokwe will be assigned as Priest of St. Bede's and Fr. Noel Clarke will be assigned as Priest to St. Thomas More.

There is no denying that some members have already begun to speculate as to why within such a short span of time has a Priest transfer once again taken place at St. Thomas More? With two priests at one Parish within the last six months it was evident that some members have taken a liken to one Priest over another. There, I've said it! Unlike Burger King, where you can go and "have it your way" as their slogan indicates, we must remember that we cannot and will not get a Priest that suits each of our personal needs. Unfortunately this is why so many members hop from Parish to Parish. So many of us want our Priests to be like a former Priest or someone whose strings we can pull.

Our Priests are there to ensure that we are nourished spiritually with God's Word and to feed us with the body and blood of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. They are not there to stroke our own egos! As human beings just like you and me, they come with gifts and talents that are brought to the table of the Lord; with no two Priests being the same. They are all unique in their own way. It does not matter to me one way or the other which priest is assigned to my Parish, as long as they keep with Tradition of the teachings of Christ, and one who holds high reverence for the Eucharist, and does not stray away from the format of the Mass universally.


  1. Good insight Kevan! Please let the people in Nassau they're lucky to have a priest in each parish. The Archdiocese is struggling to provide priests to the Family Islands. North Andros hasn't been visited by a priest in over three months! Support your priests, you're fortunate to have great priests like Fr. Anselm and Fr. Noel!!!

  2. p.s. I did not mean to exclude Fr. Jude, another great priest! Just to say that while all the Nassau parishes have a resident pastor, the same is not true in the Family Islands! Prayers and best wishes to Fathers Anselm, Jude and Noel!


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