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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Top 10 pet peeves during Mass

1. You came to Mass for worship, not to a restaurant, so please no eating and drinking during Mass. Baby bottles are accepted. Also please do not open your candy in Church, the wrappers can be very distracting and annoying.

2. When we walk through the doors of Church we should remember that we have enters God's house. The keyword to always keep in mind is "reverence." Please finish your conversations outside before you walk in.

3. Genuflecting has become something that we have forgotten how to do or why we do it. When you enter and you find your seat you genuflect towards the tabernacle by getting down on one knee for a full genuflect. Of course some of us are unable to do so, then it is alright to bow instead. Rushing the genuflect says that you are late and unprepared.

4. Everything we do during Mass should not become a distraction for others where we become the focus rather than what is taking place on the altar. Dress in a fashion where you do not cause eyes to stay on you during the entire service. Ladies, no mini skirts and off the shoulder tops please. Guys, yes you have muscles, but please no skin tight shirts that show your hard earned muscles.

5. It is not cute to have your toddlers roam up and down the aisle towards the altar. They become a distraction for those wanting to focus on the Mass. We love having the little children.

6. The Church provides bathrooms for anyone who needs to go. Walking in and out of Church frequently also becomes a distraction. Please do your best to enjoy that bathroom breaks are done before Mass. The bathrooms will remain open even after Mass until everyone leaves.

7. We all love to greet one another during the signing of the peace, but it should be limited to those next to you and not people on the other side of the aisle or at the front or back of the Church. When we move around greeting and talking we forget that the body and blood of Christ is present on the altar. Short, sweet and to the point is all that is needed.

8. We come to Mass to communion and to participate. As Catholics we are taught the prayers. We should be participating by reciting the prayers together and singing together as a Church. Songs sound harmonious when sung together.

9. During communion there should be no greeting of members seated either left or right of you. You will have plenty of time after Mass to say your hellos. Also, we should not be greeting those who have just received communion and heading back to their seats. Focus on what you are about to participate in, it will blow your mind.

10. This is two fold; Mass is ended after the final blessing and when the Priest, Deacon and altar servers are outside, please wait inside until that time, which leads me to my next peeve, thou shall not begin conversing with each other during the recessional hymn. Please wait until you are on the outside to ask your neighbor what they are cooking today for lunch.

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