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Monday, December 23, 2013

Only God can judge me!

A very popular saying today can now be seen used on tattoos. One has to wonder if the words "only God can judge me" suggests that what I do is my business so don't judge me, only God can judge me? Have we found another means to justify our actions? Personally I would wish someone would be honest with me if they see me going astray than to stand before God and be judged according to His judgment. It would definitely be too late at that point for saying "sorry."

If my son leaves a cup he was drinking from anywhere it shouldn't be and my wife chastises him, his favorite thing to say would be "sorry". Oh how that gets on her nerves, because he knows better but still does it regardless. Standing before God upon judgment day and saying sorry can not change the outcome no matter how many times you say sorry. Our time on earth should be a time of preparedness for a life of eternity with our maker.

We live in a world where we encounter resentment and criticism for bringing matters of grave concern to someone. It would make complete sense to be thankful if someone informs you of a sin you may be committing especially if you never considered it a sin. Granted a sin of grave matter requires you to have willful and complete knowledge that it is a sin, therefore it can be easy to justify ones actions for ignorance of the law of God, but will that be excusable? Are you willing to take that chance?

It's become the norm today to have sweethearts, or to steal when no one is looking, as well as accept same sex marriage and abortion, because we have been drawn into the thinking of secularly society that everyone's doing it so it must be alright. We are afraid to point out someone's indiscretions for fear of being challenged ourselves. On one side of the coin scripture tells us not to point out the splinter in someone's eye when we have not removed to log from ours, while on the flip side we are told to be our brothers keeper. Would you let a friend enter a yard with a vicious dog having full knowledge that he would be harmed if he entered? Or course not! So too should we respond when we see someone's actions which is contradictory to living as a Christian.

We are no match for satan and that is why we must put on the armor of Christ, only He can give us the strength to resist temptation. We have all sinned and know that we are sinning, but we have been caught in that web that satan have spun into believing that it's just this one time, but we know it will not be just that one time. Be thankful when a friend saves you from your poor judgment by pointing out the obvious and brings you back to reality that God is not pleased. You may be ashamed, hurt, even angry that someone called you out on an uncomfortable matter you only thought you had knowledge of, but it is then that you're snapped back to the present time and begin to realize that you have fallen short once again. We all need that nudge every now and again to put us back on track.

Hiding behind a saying or a tattoo that says "only God can judge me" can be a very dangerous thing. Satan knows how make us to believe that we can do everything by ourselves. Be thankful for friends who are sincere in bringing you back to Jesus. We need earthly help, as well as the help and instruction of the Holy Spirit of a God to guide us. I would be more inclined to say "don't judge me, rather help me."

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