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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Preparing your house for The Lord!

This week the United States lost a vey popular male movie celebrity to an unfortunate motor vehicle accident. Paul Walker, known for his role in the Fast and Furious movies had just finished a race for a charity event when he and a friend crashed and died in the car they were driving. The news hit the airwaves as mourners was shocked by the horrific news. Many were in disbelief that Walker had died, more so that he died doing what he loved.

Over the years many celebrities have passed on leaving behind many to mourn, some celebrities receiving more attention than others. Unfortunately we all must walk that road one day, some given an idea as to when they will pass on due to illness while others are not so fortunate and pass on without any warning. As hard as it is to accept the death of someone, even a celebrity, we can not forget that we are only passing through this life, with the goal to get to that city of gold, flowing with milk and honey.

We are reminded in the Gospel reading this past weekend taken from Matthew 24:37-44 that no one knows the hour or the day, for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come, therefore we must be prepared. We can all hope and pray that each and everyone of us will make it to that city of gold, but reality is, there will be many who will be lost. As the news of celebrities who die without warning hit the airwaves, their lives are recounted, all the good that they have done, and all who they would have inspired while on this earth are shared. How could this individual die many begin to ask?

When an individual is honored as a saint after they have passed, such as saint Saint Thérèse of Lisieux or most recently, the 800 named by Pope Francis then we should be praising for the knowledge, joy and love that they would have shared with us while here on earth with us. These individuals were normal human beings just like you and me, with the difference being that they lived their lives for Christ and did as much as they were able to bring others to Him.

As difficult as it seems to hear of the passing of a celebrity who may have inspired many, we should thank God for the time that they spent with us and for the joys they brought to us through their acting, but more importantly we should pray that they lived their lives according to God's will, that they would meet Jesus and hear the words that we all should desire to hear: "well done, my good and faithful servant!" Yes, indeed, Paul Walker shared his talents for the world to see!

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