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Friday, February 21, 2014

Faith without works, not a cool thing

Normally I try to know what the readings for the day are before I go to Mass, but this past Friday morning my wife and I left the house for Mass at 7am, arriving with only time to sit and pray before the service began. Having gone through so much trials within the last few weeks our faith has certainly increased and I honestly believe that hardships are placed before us to strenghten our faith and trust in God. What an appropraite time for today's readings as we heard from the book of James chapter 2 and Mark chapter 8.

Earlier in the week my wife said to me that she wants to help the poor who are in need (something she does regularly, but is too humbly to admit) by making a pot of soup for a soup kitchen within our Diocese (by the way, she's an excellent cook, one of the many reason's I married her). Out of the blue she asked a friend of hers on Facebook if she can direct her to a soup kitchen where she is able to assist, well low and behold her friend had recently started a soup kitchen at her Parish and invited her to come by on Saturday at 8am. She was in her glory at this point, her prayers were being answered. I am not saying this to brag about my wife, but to say that if God is speaking to your heart then you need to listen and act on it. My wife will never speak about what she did because that is the kind of person she is, she knows that there are many hungry people out there and it's rewarding to her just to know that they were given something to eat.

As we sat and listened to the first reading my mind immediately went on her and the upcoming soup kitchen expereince she will have. As a believer of Christ we understand that it is not good enough to just say that we believe and have faith, but rather we have been instructed by Christ to go out and give food to the hungry, drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, welcome the strangers, care for the ill, and visit those who are in prison. When we do for the least of those (Mathew 25) we do for Jesus. I'm very proud of my wife who was moved by God to reach out to those less fortunate. She does so without reservation, with no strings attached and without praise and recognition.

The first reading sheds light to the need of works on our part, the need to back up our faith; here we are reminded how even Abraham, a man of strong faith in God took his son and was about to sacrifice him on the altar to the Lord when God stopped him before he had done so. As much as Abraham had thought about what he was asked to do, he kept the faith and believed that God was in control and would be glorified regardless of the outcome. Abraham's actions worked hand in hand with his faith didn't allow his own needs to come in front of what God had asked of him. We too are called to action for Christ, to continue the works that He began over 2,000 years ago. Nothing has changed, we are not here just to believe and have faith, even satan believes.

As we pulled up to the soup kitchen and I took out the pot of soup all eyes were on us (my wife said to me later in the day that one of the ladies said to her that she wondered if we were coming for soup). As they were setting up and I was driving away there was already a crowd there waiting for something to eat, something most of us take for granted. After this first experience, my wife is already looking at purchasing a larger pot so that there can be more soup to go around. If you feel the need give to the poor please feel free to contact your Parish and ask about donating food for the poor. I know there are more people out there who wish to help but do not know how to go about it, so if you ever have the urge to make a big pot of soup then please contact St. Cecelia's Parish in the grove to find out about their Saturday soup kitchen. There are many other Parishes who offere this program including St. Joseph Parish, Boyd Rd. They can always use your help. Faith without works is dead, let it begin with you.

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