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Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm back, by the intercession of but one!

There is a very old saying that is still widely used today referring to water and a well. It goes something like: "You never miss the water till the well run dry." Well I can honestly say that I did not miss the water at all. It has been almost five months since closing my Facebook account and now I believe that I am ready to log back on again. The decision came while leaving the Lenten Mission last evening at the third night's session.

I don't recall the exact number of Facebook friends that I have, but I believe it is over three hundred. Out of those numbers there are but a handful of family and an even smaller number of close, close family. During the last few months I began to realize that it's a very true statement: "Out of sight, out of mind. On one hand I can count the number of people (not including my wife) who have asked why I was not on Facebook or to ask when I will be back, until last evening.

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  1. Awwwww...I'm SO glad you came back and you continue to inspire me and others I am sure though they may not say it! You are a fire of God's love and life in the world. Continue to let it shine brightly!


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