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Friday, March 7, 2014

The time to fast is now!

If you're going to go to Church, if you plan to give to the poor, and if you're going to fast for healing or spiritual growth, then by all means please do so, however we should not be boasting about these things that we have done or about to do as it will not be pleasing to God. Do not let your right hand know what your left hand is doing says The Lord.

Fasting seems to be a thing of the past, something from ancient times. We hear our pastors speak about fasting, but how many of us actually do so? Do you even know why we should fast or how to fast? It's displeasing to God when we neglect to take care of those around us who are in need of help, especially those who are hungry and thirsty? In today's first reading Isaiah explains to the people what is pleasing to God when we fast: Sharing your bread with the hungry, sheltering the oppressed and the homeless; clothing the naked when you see them, and not turning your back on your own.

In the Gospel, Jesus is called out on the fasting practice of His disciples. The disciples of John asks Jesus why His disciples do not fast while they (John's disciples) and the Pharisees fast often? Jesus uses the analogy of a bridegroom and his wedding guest. There is no mourning at a wedding , it is but a celebration of a union, thus the reason why the disciples need not fast while in Jesus' presence. When Jesus leaves them, then they will find themselves having to fast as should we be doing today.

I tend to look at it like this: the disciples even though they were sinners just like you and me, they were among the one who did not know sin. Have you ever felt more closer to God when you pray often, when you read your bible, or when you see a relic that reminds you of the faith, how about when you frequently attend Mass (daily), even more so when you partake of the Holy Eucharist? It must have been awesome to be a part of that "click" as the young people say today, or a part of that club they were in with Jesus. Jesus sustained them daily. He taught them regularly, probably even daily so they were fed with His word and shared meals with Him. It was indeed a daily celebration for them.

As we look around our nation today we are entangled with so much crime, so much hate and angry. People today are loosing sight of God, we are neglecting prayer and worship, we have forgotten what it means to be our brother's keeper. As we sin and push God away from us we loose sight of all that is good and it becomes apparent that His presence is not near us. God does not leave us, it is we who pushes Him away. As we drift further and further away we must seek Him through prayer and fasting. God awaits our sacrifice!

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