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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

I'm guilty, I'm guilty, I'm guilty! There, I said it. Many times over we've probably all rambled on about something that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. Are words became so confusing to ourselves and others that we had no idea what just happened. Getting straight to the point is much better than beating around the bush and loosing the chance to get your message across.

As we heard in the Gospel reading today, Jesus says to His disciples that when they pray they must not babble like the pagans, who think that they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them. With that said these words have been so misused especially when it comes to Catholics who pray the rosary and recite so many prayers. The questions arise as to whether Catholics are babbling when the say the rosary because it appears repetitive.

Like the rosary, the Our Father prayer given to us by our Lord can also be repetitive and can be seen as repetitive if it is said more than once. So where do we draw the line. Should I say just one Our Father prayer or will I be heard more quickly if I say more than one? Any prayer said from the heart through the Holy Spirit is accepting to God. It is when we say those prayers that are not from the heart but rather rushed for whatever reason. Sometimes we can say the rosary just to say it but no thought or meditation on the words are put into it. Therefore the rosary should be said with the mysteries for that given day in mind; with each decade we meditate on an event from the life of Christ.

As Jesus taught the disciples to pray, He also informed them about forgiveness and the importance of it. As clear and concise are Jesus' words, this has become a very difficult task for many who feel as though they have been hurt and wronged and are unable to forgive that easily. Forgiveness is not an option, we can on heal and share in God's Kingdom if we forgive others as He has forgiven us. My being a sacrifice for us Jesus was nailed to a cross for our sins, and every time we sin it is like we are constantly nailing Jesus to the cross. What do we do when we realize that we have sinned? Yes we pray, and most importantly we ask for forgiveness. So what if Jesus said to us, "listen here man, you say you're sorry but you continue to sin." Thankfully God is an awesome God who loves us more than a mother loves her new born baby and wants to forgive us, so then, we should be extremely happy to forgive others as well. If you're having difficulty forgiving then pray to a God to help show you how to forgive. The father knows what you need before you ask Him.

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