The Roman Catholic Church in The Bahamas is part of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope. The diocese was elevated to a full diocese, as the diocese of Nassau in June 1960. On June 22nd, 1999, the diocese was again elevated as the new Archdiocese of Nassau.



September 2013

Lost, but not forgotten

March 2013

The Holy Spirit has the last say
Habemus Papam?

February 2013

They will fight against you but not prevail over you!
Suffer the little children to come unto me!

January 2013

New pastoral appointments announced
My House shall be a house of prayer!

October 2012

The lost sacrament
Show me the CAR-FAX!

September 2012

Why do we do the things we do in the name of Jesus?
It's a thing called love!
Legion of Mary branches to all Parishes
Our we doing our part?
To feel a feeling that you've never felt before!

August 2012

God is not pleased!

July 2012

You need to learn patience she keeps telling me!

June 2012

The inner peace to set you free.
Graduation Exodus Mass for New Providence Schools 2012

March 2012
St. Thomas More Parish 2012 Lenten Reflection
Lenten Mission 2012 Day 5
Lenten Mission 2012 Day 4
Lenten Mission 2012 Day 3

February 2012

Lenten Mission 2012 Day 2
Lenten Mission 2012 Day 1
A memorable occasion at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral
The eleventh commandment: "Thou shall not...."
Why do good people have to die?
Hopefully a face-lift will make a difference
The cries of the unclean is deafening
Continuing education is necessary these days
I have made myself a slave to all
One good reason why!
The wages of sin is death

January, 2012

"Year of Favour" book launched
What's your contraceptive of choice?
I'm sorry if I have not responded to your request :(
What are you looking for!
Do not tell anyone!

December, 2011

Christmas has come and gone, or has it?
Merry Christmas to all, but wait....
Being covered in filth

November, 2011

Happy New Year Church
You can't love me if you don't love my Mother
New liturgical year kicks off with changes to the Mass
There are undercurrents in our Churches
What are they doing up there?
Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary ministry comes to an end in The Bahamas
St. Joseph Parish welcomes Msgr Alfred Culmer
I am your new Pastor
Msgr Culmer says final Sunday Mass and farewell

October, 2011

Out of sight, Out of mind!
Why are you sad today?
You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink!
Many are invited, but few are chosen
God does not like UGLY
Pastoral changes are necessary!
There's power in the uniform!

September, 2011

God will understand?
Bahama Catholic Newspaper Sept/Oct Issue
bahamaCatholic.com changes its name
Abortion legal in The Bahamas?
Our Lady's Parish Spiritual Revival 2011
A time to mourn and a time to celebrate
I wish I was able to give more :-(
Ushering in the beginning of a new school year
Being our brothers keeper

August, 2011

The day our Lord found and rescued me
Having no electricity should not affect Mass! Peter; the Rock or satan?
Hurricane Irene slams The Bahamas
Who do "you" say that I am?
New Hurricane tracking towards The Bahamas
Our ways are not God's ways
Am I being called?
Give me flowers while I'm living
To have Faith as small as a mustard seed
Another "miss" for The Bahamas
Tropical Storm Emily has its eye on The Bahamas
Be merciful, Oh Lord, for I have sinned

July 2011

Long awaited Priest appointed to Long Island
Don't listen to the noise in "Da Market"
The Best Kept Secret in Town
My word shall not return to me void!
We can learn from St. Maria Goretti
Thank goodness for summer; "No more Church"

June 2011

Are our Catholic schools loosing its IDENTITY?
Some white collars are more challenging than others
First principal of Mary Star of the Sea Catholic School laid to rest

May 2011

Sister Neely retires after 42 years
Newly Elected President of AEC
A Diamond in the ROUGH

April 2011

Are you being fed in the Church?
What do you remember from Good Friday's Service?
Easter Vigil will welcome 25 into the Church
Three Catholic Schools participate in Easter Drive Thru Extravaganza
Chrism Mass has huge turnout
Lenten Reflection at St Thomas More Stations of the Cross Service
Fr. Eugene Hensell reflection on Good Friday's readings
Midday Reflection with Fr. Hensell Day 1 / Holy Thursday Readings
Lenten Midday Reflection
Joint Stations of the Cross Service

March 2011

A Call to the Deep Waters
"I absolve you from your sins"
Are you a Cafeteria Catholic?
Are you equipped to enter into the deep waters?

January 2011

A very dry spell from Oct 2010 till now; but WHY???

October 2010

Musical and dramatic entertainment tribute to a Bahamian Legend
Bingo night a success for family and friends of STMSTM Bingo Night at B.C.P.O.U 15th October, 2010
Archbishop Pinder visits St Thomas More School
Legion of Mary holds regional reunion
All Catholic Basketball Tournament begins
Benedictine Monk and Bahamas Native returns to Archdiocese

September 2010

Art Gallery and Theatre dedicated to two outstanding men
"To Confess" or "Not to Confess", that is the question
What is Catechetical Sunday?
Chancery's Office staff held at gun point
As Catholics, do your children attend Catholic schools?
Catholic Schools in The Bahamas in full swing
Annual Appeal ended 31 August, 2010

August 2010

Review Day 5 - Do Catholics Worship Mary (Fr Arnold Francis)
Review of Day 2: What, then, is Sabbath? by Fr. Arnold Francis And Mrs. Colajean Butler
Review of Day 1: Catholic Biblical Scholar "Fr Arnold Francis" at St Cecelia's Parish

July 2010

Eucharistic Pilgrimage, EWTN, Alabama
50th Anniversary Celebration Mass - July 5, 2010
New Medal "Cordis et Mendis" awarded to deserving members
Mass of Thanksgiving "Golden Jubilee Celebration"
Evening Prayer and Benediction
Steak Out by The Benedictine Sisters of St. Martin Monastery

June 2010

Catholic Youth & Young Adult Rally
Vicar General receives honor from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
Archbishop Pinder opposes legalized gambling
George Town, Exuma Pilgrimage

May 2010

Freeport, Grand Bahama Pilgrimage
Feast of the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ
Archbishop addresses Neophytes and the Fully Initiated

April 2010

Neophytes to celebrate Mass with Archbishop Pinder
Priest Suffers stroke during retreat
Rev. Fr Michael Kelly, SS.CC RETIRES
Parish Priests and Deacons take time this week for a Retreat
St. Gregory's Parish Eleuthera Pilgrimage 1st May 2010
Triduum Easter Vigil Service Spirit Filled at St Thomas More
2nd part of Triduum "Good Friday" celebrated by St Thomas More
St Thomas More Parish Celebrates the Easter Triduum beginning with Holy Thursday

March 2010

Receiving the Sacrament "Anointing of the Sick" while in hospital
Cancer Survivor speaks to students of Aquinas College
Would you like to learn to say the Our Father Prayer in Latin
Closure of two schools by end of 2010 school year
Marsh Harbour Abaco Pilgrimage

February 2010

Recap of the closing night of Lenten Mission 26 Feb 2010
Recap of Day 4 of Lenten Mission 25 Feb 2010
Recap of Day 3 of Lenten Mission 24 Feb 2010
Recap of day 2 of Lenten Mission 23 Feb 2010
Recap of first night of Lenten Mission 22 Feb 2010
Archdiocese Annual Appeal
Lunchtime for Midday Reflection

January 2010

Lenten Mission 2010 - "A year of favor from the Lord"
Archbishop Lawrence Burke to be laid to rest 4 Feb 2010
Special Golden Jubilee Observance at St Anselm's
Archbishop Lawrence Burke dies in his Hometown
An Icon Musician and Former Headmaster dies at 73
Happy Golden Jubilee - Archdiocese of Nassau 5 Jul 2010

November 2009

Priest takes Damien's story of love to the stage in The Bahamas

October 2009

CELEBRATION - 120 years of Catholic Education in The Bahamas!
Is forcing sex on your spouse without their consent, rape? What does the Catholic Church Say
Catholic Church stands firm against death penalty
Catholic Churches and Schools in The Bahamas
Aquinas College opens the doors to it's new multi dollar Campus

September 2009

Historic Bahamian Catholic Cathedral Damaged in fire
Get to know the Archbishop of Nassau - Archbishop Patrick C. Pinder
The Right of Installation as Archbishop of Nassau
Pope Benedict's Third Encyclical Released July 7, 2009
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